Protect Your Child's Best Interests

Protect Your Child's Best Interests

Retain a child custody attorney in Chicago, IL

When you and your spouse divorce, the question of who will raise the kids needs to be addressed. You shouldn't navigate child custody agreements alone. Turn to the Law Office of Joel Kessler for assistance. We advocate for the rights of all types of families in the Chicago, IL area.

No matter what your situation is, you can count on us to gather the needed information and help you come to the best arrangement possible for your children. Speak with our child custody attorney today.

How is child custody typically determined?

In Illinois child custody cases, the court will typically prioritize the best interests of the child. This means the judge will consider factors including but not limited to...

  • The wishes of each parent
  • The wishes of the child depending on their age and maturity
  • The course of conduct for both parents
  • The child's interactions with their parents, siblings and other key family members
  • The amount of visitation time the child had with each parent before the divorce
If your case deals with an unsafe parent, we have plenty of experience navigating these dynamics. Gain an ally in your child custody matter by retaining our attorney today.