Protect Yourself and Your Future

Protect Yourself and Your Future

Learn your options for orders of protection in Chicago, IL

If you're going through a contentious divorce and fear for the safety of you or your children, turn to the Law Office of Joel Kessler in Chicago, IL. We can file an order of protection against your spouse until your divorce is over and thereafter. You can trust us to compile evidence of harassment or abuse and represent your case in court if necessary. We can even file a temporary custody order that stops visitation.

See how we can help protect you and your children from an angry spouse. Connect with us today to learn more about your order of protection options.

Reasons for protection

Angry words can get thrown around when settling a divorce, but sometimes, one side of the party can take it a little too far. You might consider filing an order of protection if your spouse has harassed or assaulted you with...

  • Threatening texts or phone calls
  • Actions of physical violence
  • Emotional manipulation

We'll fight for the peace of mind you deserve. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.